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Training Seminar on Auditing Forests

Prior to the 10th Annual EUROSAI WGEA Meeting in Cyprus 2012, the EUROSAI WGEA organised a one-day training seminar on Auditing Forests Monday 22 October 2012.


The Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia kindly offered to conduct the seminar. The seminar was based on their previous INTOSAI WGEA publication Auditing Forests: A Guide for Supreme Audit Institutions from 2010, and their newly developed 5 days training course on the same subject matter.


The seminar addressed and discussed key issues related to auditing forests focusing on sustainable management of forests in the European region.


Auditing ForestsAuditing Forests: Guidance for Supreme Audit Institutions
Session I – Overview​ ​
​SAI of Indonesia​Showing of video



Session II – Understanding Forests​ ​ ​
​SAI of Indonesia​Understanding Forests​​View presentation

​SAI of Cyprus

Mr Akis Kikas

​Forests in Cyprus​View presentation

​SAI of Slovakia

Mr Igor Blasko

​Forestry in Slovakia​View presentation



Session III – Sustainable Forest Management​ ​ ​
SAI of Indonesia​​Sustainable Forest Management​ ​(SFM)​View presentation



Session IV – Auditing Forests and Picking Audit Topics​ ​ ​
SAI of Indonesia​​Auditing Forests and Picking Audit Topic​View presentation

​SAI of Norway

Ms Camilla C. Fredriksen

​Sustainable management of Norwegian forest resources​View presentation



Session V – Audit Evidence and Methodology​ ​ ​
​SAI of Indonesia​Identifying Audit, Evidence Methodology and Audit Design Matrix (ADM)​View presentation
​SAI of Indonesia​Landcover analysis using Google Earth​View presentation

​SAI of Tanzania

Ms Elizabeth Augustino

​Experience on Forest Audit​View presentation