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Spring Session on Water Quality

The spring session was dedicated on auditing different aspects of water quality and management. The seminar covered topics such as availability and sustainable management of water, conservation of fresh water ecosystems, connection with Sustainable Development Goals and SAIs’ role and experience in auditing these issues.​


The Spring Session was hosted by SAI Slovenia on 25-26 April



Final programme | List of participants


Keynote Presentations​ ​ ​

European Commission, Directorate-General for Environment

​Ms Claire McCamphill

​River Basin Water ManagementView presentation

European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Envirenmental Law (IMPEL)

Prof Giuseppe Sgorbati

​Agriculture and Water ProtectionView presentation
​SAI Presentations ​ ​

SAI Belgium

Mr Stéphane Nassaut, Mr Michael Stassart

​Different Ways of Auditing the Implementation of the Water Framework Directive​​View presentation

​European Court of Auditors

Mr Klaus Stern

​Integration of EU Water Policy Objectives with the CAP – a Partial SuccessView presentation

SAI Cyprus

​Ms Markella Koukkoulli

​Management of Water Resources in Cyprus​View presentation

SAI Russia

Ms Marina Mazykina

​The Assessment of Water Management in the Russian Federation​View presentation

SAI Bulgaria

​Ms Rada Paskova, Mr Dimitar Dimitrov

​Improvement of Drinking Water Infrastructure through Construction of Water Supply Dams and Water Treatment PlantsView presentation

​SAI Turkey

Mr Burak Köroğlu

Drinking Water Management in Turkey​View presentation
​SAI Macedonia
Mr Branko Smilevski
​Effectiveness and Efficiency of Water Legislation in the Republic of Macedonia​View presentation

​European Court of Auditors

Ms Maria del Carmen Jimenez

​EU Structural Measures Spending on the Water Supply and Waste Water Infrastructures​View presentation

SAI Netherlands ​

Ms Mariska Streppel-Kroezen

​Ecological Quality of Surface Water in Natura 2000 AreasView presentation

​SAI Malta

Mr William Peplow

​Safeguarding Malta’s Groundwater​View presentation

​SAI Poland

Mr Jacek Jezierski

Lake Management in the Great Mazurian Lakes Region​View presentation

SAI Slovakia

​Ms Monika Černayová, Mr Igor Blasko

​ Investments Benefits in Slovakia to Wastewater Drainage Projects​View presentation

​EUROSAI WGEA Secretariat

Ms Krislin Kivi

​Sustainable Development Goals and Auditing​View presentation
​​EUROSAI WGEA SecretariatMs Krislin Kivi​Massive Open Online CoursesView presentation

Other useful material:

Agriculture and Sustainable Water Management in the EU – European Commission Staff Working Material