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Spring Session 2019: From Waste Management to Circular Economy

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Spring Session 2019: From Waste Management to Circular Economy was held on 7-8 May 2019 in Kalopanayiotis, Cyprus, hosted by the Audit Office of the Republic of Cyprus.

Spring Session 2019 was organized to discuss the trends and the role of Supreme Audit Institutions in progressing from the traditional collect-and-dispose management of waste towards circular economy and waste prevention. The seminar also provided a forum for discussing potential EUROSAI WGEA cooperative audit(s) on waste-related issues from 2020 and beyond.

Meeting agenda | Meeting report

Presentations from the meeting

Day 1
Mr Charalampos Theopemptou, Member of the House of Representatives of Cyprus Waste management and the circular economy View presentation
Mr Peeter Eek, waste management expert Towards the Circular Economy. Next stop – Recycling Society View presentation
SAI Cyprus
Ms Anastasia Neocleous
Packaging waste audit View presentation
SAI Latvia
Mr Jānis Salenieks
Financial impact of waste management audit View presentation
SAI Lithuania
Ms Vaida Barizienė
How to select and implement waste audits to encourage changes View presentation
SAI Czechia
Mr Benjamin Groll and Ms Kristyna Liskova
Waste management – risk analysis View presentation
SAI Belgium
Mr Jan Vervoort
Food waste and prevention View presentation
European Court of Auditors
Mr Robert Markus
How to improve the resource-efficiency of the food supply chain View presentation
SAI Poland
Mr Mariusz Gorczyca and Mr Wojciech Dudek
Plastic waste – a common problem so why not a common audit? View presentation
Day 2

Commissioner of the Environment of Cyprus
Represented by Mr Andreas Angeli
Volunteerism and waste management – Let’s do it Cyprus View presentation
European Topic Centre of Waste and Materials in a Green Economy/VITO
Mr Dirk Nelen
Policy challenges for waste prevention and circular economy View presentation
Dr Myriam Fernandez
Guidance for regulators on enabling innovations in a circular economy View presentation
SAI Finland
Mr Matti Vedenkannas
Innovative public procurement for circular economy View presentation
SAI Slovenia
Mr Igor Vošnjak
Light a candle less! View presentation
SAI Cyprus
Ms Christina Meshiti
Is Cyprus ready to help closing the loop? An evaluation of national waste management strategy View presentation
SAI Estonia
Ms Viire Viss
Circular economy and hazardous waste management. Some concerns from NAOE’s experience View presentation
European Court of Auditors
Ms Katarzyna Radecka-Moroz
Making ECA a plastic-free organization View presentation
EUROSAI WGEA Secretariat
Ms Tuuli Rasso
News from the EUROSAI WGEA Secretariat View presentation
SAI Estonia
Ms Kaire Kesküla
INTOSAI WGEA MOOC on Auditing Waste Issues View presentation

Materials of interest related to circular economy and waste prevention