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Spring Session on Sustainable Energy

Group photo Spring Session on Sustainable Energy was held as a video-meeting on 7-8 April 2020, hosted by the Chair of EUROSAI WGEA via Zoom teleconferencing platform. This was the first e-Seminar of EUROSAI WGEA!

Agenda of the e-Seminar

Meeting report (NEW!)



Presentations from the meeting

Day 1
Prof Luciano Mule Stagno, Head of Institute for Sustainable Energy of the University of Malta Renewable energy beyond 2020 View presentation
SAI Malta
Mr Keith Gauci
Exploiting solar energy View presentation
Mr Sanjoy Rajan, Head of Energy Security Division, European Investment Bank Promoting sustainable energy – EIB’s energy lending policy View presentation
SAI Belgium
Ms Daphne Vanrysselberghe
Energy poverty: Results and evaluation of a series of policy instruments implemented by the Flemish authorities in order to fight against energy poverty View presentation
SAI Poland
Ms Elżbieta Sikorska
Obstacles to the development of renewable energy sources: NIK audit on the development of the renewable energy sector View presentation
Day 2
Mr Taavi Veskimägi, CEO of Elering AS Energy grids and open energy market View presentation
SAI the Netherlands
Mr Ronnie Takens
Renewable energy grant schemes and offshore wind power in the Netherlands View presentation
SAI Sweden
Dr Martin Hill
Support to solar power in Sweden View presentation
European Court of Auditors
Ms Oana Cristina Dumitrescu
ECA’s work in the climate and energy areas from sustainability perspective View presentation
INTOSAI WGEA Secretariat (SAI Finland)
Dr Vivi Niemenmaa
News from the global INTOSAI WGEA group View presentation
EUROSAI WGEA Secretariat
Ms Tuuli Rasso
Activity report View presentation
SAI Poland
Mr Wojciech Dudek
18th Annual Meeting of EUROSAI WGEA View presentation