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Spring Session on Auditing Energy Issues 

SAI of Estonia, in cooperation with EUROSAI WGEA secretariat, organised a seminar on European open electricity market issues.


As most SAIs do not yet have much experience in auditing the subject, speakers represented different stakeholders of the system, so to get a comprehensive understanding of the open market functioning.


The seminar took place in Vihula, Estonia, 9-10 June 2015.


Seminar agenda l List of participants


Auditing Energy – Joint Report from Energy Seminars

Spring Session on Auditing Energy Issues participants   Spring Session on Auditing Energy Issues participants
Keynote speeches
​European Commission
Mr Niels Ladefoged
​EU Energy Policy and the Role of National Governments​View presentation
​AF-Consulting AS
Ms Janika Laht
​Measuring Energy SavingsView presentation
​Estonian Renewable Energy Association
Mr Rene Tammist
​Renewable Energy and Support SchemesView presentation


​SAI presentations ​ ​
​SAI of Czech Republic
Mr Michal Rampir
​Introduction to Energy Efficiency and SavingsView presentation
​SAI of Czech Republic
Mr Michal Rampir
​Introducing the INTOSAI WGEA Project on Energy SAvingsView presentation
​SAI of the United Kingdom
Mr Kenneth Foreman
​Energy Efficiency Related Work in the NAO​View presentation

​SAI of Estonia

Ms Kaire Kuldpere

​Co-generation Systems in Estonia​View presentation

​SAI of Sweden

Ms Madeleine Nyman

Vattenfall a State-owned Power Enterprise – Sustainability Targets​​View presentation

​SAI of Poland

Mr Slawomir Grzelak

​Experience of NIK in the Audit of Realisation of the Energy Policy in Poland​View presentation

​SAI of Malta

Mr William Peplow

​Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency in MaltaView presentation

​SAI of Lithuania

Mr Arunas Zabulionis

​Process of Renovation of Housing BuildingsView presentation

​SAI of Bulgaria

Ms Detelina Hadjieva,
Ms Eva Galabinova

​Energy Policies for Promoting the Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency​View presentation

​SAI of the Netherlands

Ms Mariska Streppel-Kroezen, Mr Marcoen Roelofs

​Stimulating Renewable Energy in the Netherlands. Results and Costs of the Main Subvention Scheme in the Perspective of 2020 and 2030 ObjectivesView presentation

​SAI of Czech Republic

Ms Eva Rekova

​Finances Earmarked for the Support of Energy Production from Renewable Energy Resources​View presentation

​SAI ​of Romania

Ms Alexandra Lichi,
Mr Liviu Vladucu

​Renewable Energy Sources – Measures Taken to Achieve the National Targets Set by the Europe 2020 StrategyView presentation

​SAI of Denmark

Mr Jan Ostergaard

​Audit on the Amendment of the Support Scheme for Photovoltaics​View presentation

​SAI of Lithuania

Ms Vaida Bariziene

​Use of Renewable Energy Sources Potential in LithuaniaView presentation
​SAI of Moldova
Ms Stela Rusu
​Environmental Audit on Biofuels – Challenges and ImportanceView presentation

EUROSAI WGEA secretariat

Ms Tuuli Rasso

​EUROSAI WGEA NewsView presentation