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Seminar on Auditing Waste Management

In Oslo, Norway, 3-4 May 2011, the EUROSAI WGEA organised a seminar on auditing waste management.




Agenda l Report



Plenary Session

DG Environment Directorate C Industry

Ms Karolina Fras

Implementation of EU Waste LegislationView presentation

OECD Environment Directorate

Mr Anthony Cox

Economic Aspects of Waste Management: Insights from OECD ExperiencesView presentation

SAI of the Netherlands

Mr Jan Willem van de Wardt

Cooperative Audit on Shipment of WasteView presentation

SAI of Norway

Dr Kristin Rypdal

The INTOSAI WGEA paper “Towards Auditing Waste Management”View presentation

SAI of Norway

Mr Kjell Kristian Dørum

The INTOSAI WGEA Guide on Fraud and Corruption – Focus on WasteView presentation

EUROSAI WGEA secretariat

Mr Tom Næss

Draft paper on Auditing Waste Management in EuropeView presentation



Workshop 1: Auditing General Waste Management

SAI of Poland

Ms Alicja Gruszecka

Polish experiences in waste management auditingView presentation

SAI of Austria

Dr Carolin Heiß-Ziegler

Austrian experience in waste management auditingView presentation

SAI of Switzerland

Mr Martin Koci

Swiss experiences in (municipal) waste management auditingView presentation

SAI of Turkey

Dr Omer H. Köse

Turkish experience in waste management auditingView presentation

SAI of Estonia

Ms Viire Viss

Effectiveness of collection and recovery of packaging waste in EstoniaView presentation

SAI of Malta

Mr William Peplow

Audit on producer responsibility on packaging wasteView presentation

SAI of Hungary

Mr Tóth Gergely

Solid waste management projects financed from the Cohesion Fund and national budgetView presentation

SAI of Slovakia

Mr Igor Blasko

Waste management in the Slovak RepublicView presentation

SAI of Moldova

Ms Olesea Djurenco

The improvements of the regulations in management and solid waste disposal in Republic of Moldova are neededView presentation



Workshop 2: Hazardous, Radioactive and Medical Waste

Bellona Foundation, Norway

Mr Nils Bøhmer

The future of nuclear energy in Europe: Nuclear safety and management of radioactive waste in EuropeView presentation

SAI of Slovenia

Ms Jerneja Vrabic

Experiences with auditing radioactive waste management and end-of life vehicles in SloveniaView presentation

SAI of Bulgaria

Ms Snezhina Dimitrova

Audit on Hazardous Medical WasteView presentation

SAI of Russia

Ms Elena Chernet

Russian experience with auditing radioactive waste managementView presentation

SAI of the Netherlands

Ms Louise van Loon

Auditing risk based inspections regarding waste shipments by the Dutch customsView presentation

SAI of Norway

Ms Hilde Solli

Audit of the Government’s Management of the Handling of Hazardous Waste