​The training seminar was held one day prior to the 16th Annual Meeting on 25 September 2018 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The objective of the training seminar was to:

• Introduce the main types of data connected to climate change
• Provide an overview of sources and application of climate change related data
• Introduce some tools and methods for analysing data connected to climate change
• Discuss the aspects of using data in audits related to climate change
• Undertake practical exercises to inspire future audit work

NEW! Presentations from the seminar

​European Environment Agency
Mr François Dejean
​Key data supporting climate policy in Europe
​View presentation
​World Resources Institute
Mr Johannes Friedrich
​Independent mitigation/adaptation data and online visualization platforms for climate change audits
View presentation
​European Court of Auditors
Mr Robert Markus
​Auditing climate change at European Union level - ECA's perspective
View presentation
​U.S. Government Accountability Office
Mr Alfredo Gomez
​Climate change data in environmental auditing
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