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Spring Session on Sustainable Energy

​Spring Session on Sustainable Energy was held as a video-meeting on 7-8 April 2020, hosted by the Chair of EUROSAI WGEA via Zoom teleconferencing platform. This was the first e-Seminar of EUROSAI WGEA!

Agenda of the e-Seminar 

Meeting report (NEW!)

Presentations from the meeting

​Day 1
​Prof Luciano Mule Stagno, Head of Institute for Sustainable Energy of the University of Malta
​Renewable energy beyond 2020
View presentation
​SAI Malta
Mr Keith Gauci
​Exploiting solar energy
View presentation
​Mr Sanjoy Rajan, Head of Energy Security Division, European Investment Bank
​Promoting sustainable energy – EIB’s energy lending policy
View presentation
​SAI Belgium
Ms Daphne Vanrysselberghe
​Energy poverty: Results and evaluation of a series of policy instruments implemented by the Flemish authorities in order to fight against energy poverty        
View presentation
​SAI Poland
Ms Elżbieta Sikorska
​Obstacles to the development of renewable energy sources: NIK audit on the development of the renewable energy sector
View presentation
Day 2
​Mr Taavi Veskimägi, CEO of Elering AS
​Energy grids and open energy market
View presentation
​SAI the Netherlands
Mr Ronnie Takens
Renewable energy grant schemes and offshore wind power in the NetherlandsView presentation
​SAI Sweden
Dr Martin Hill
​Support to solar power in Sweden
View presentation
​European Court of Auditors
Ms Oana Cristina Dumitrescu
​ECA’s work in the climate and energy areas from sustainability perspective
​View presentation
​INTOSAI WGEA Secretariat (SAI Finland)
Dr Vivi Niemenmaa
​News from the global INTOSAI WGEA group
View presentation
​EUROSAI WGEA Secretariat 
Ms Tuuli Rasso
​Activity report
​View presentation
​SAI Poland
Mr Wojciech Dudek
​18th Annual Meeting of EUROSAI WGEA
View presentation 

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