​The 2018 EWGEA Spring Session was focused on environmental governance

both at the state and European level. A particular focus of the seminar was the 

concept of good governance, with environment its specific point of reference.


Deeper understanding and audit examples on the following topics were sought for: sustainable development and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, Strategic Environmental Assessment of public plans and programmes, 

Aarhus Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-Making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters.

The Spring Session was hosted by the SAI of Finland on 26-27 April 2018 in Helsinki.


Report of the Spring Session                                                                                                  Group Photo from the Helsinki Spring Session

Final Programme | List of participants                                                                                    


Keynote Presentations​ ​ ​

European Court of Auditors

​Dr Vivi Niemenmaa

​Environmental Governance
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Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development, Ministry of
the Environment of Finland

Ms Annika Lindblom

The Finnish Government’s approach to sustainable development and SDGs

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​National Sustainable Development Monitoring Network, Prime Minister's Office of Finland
Mr Sami Pirkkala
​Monitoring, follow-up and evaluation of national Agenda 2030 implementation

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​Hendrikson & Ko
Mr Heikki Kalle
​Strategic Environmental Assessment

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​Directorate-General for Environment, European Commission
Mr Robert Konrad
​Commission Action Plan on Environmental Compliance and Governance
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SAI Presentations ​ ​

SAI United Kindgom

Ms Katy Losse

​Sustainability overviews: the UK NAO’s experience of auditing environmental governance in government departments

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SAI Ukraine

Ms Anna Kozlova

The experience of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine in carrying out audits related to Sustainable Development Goals
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SAI Netherlands

​Ms Sadaf Qutbyar

​Netherlands Court of Audit: Preparedness Review SDGs
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SAI Brazil

Mr Dashiell Costa

​OLACEFS Coordinated Audit on SDG Target 2.4 – Sustainable Food Production

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SAI Estonia

​Ms Airi Andresson

​Introduction to The Aarhus Convention on Access to
Information, Public Participation in Decision-Making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters
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​SAI Slovenia

Ms Lejla Marinko

Integrating environmental issues (Natura 2000) into sectoral policies
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​SAI Cyprus
Mr Sotiris Christofi
Case study: development in an environmentally sensitive area
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SAI Estonia

Ms Eva-Maria Asari

​Stakeholder engagement and participatory auditing 

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​SAI of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Ms Rosica Shalevikj Hrisovska
​Granting of permits and collection of fees from operators whose installations affect the environment
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​SAI Estonia (Chair of EWGEA)
Ms Tuuli Rasso
​News from the EUROSAI WGEA Secretariat 
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