In Oslo, Norway, 15-16 May 2012, the EUROSAI WGEA organised a seminar on sustainable forest and fisheries management.

The first day of the seminar was devoted to keynote speeches from external experts, information on relevant INTOSAI WGEA guides and documents, as well as updated information on on-going activities in the working group with relevance to the two selected topics.
On the second day, two workshops were organised where SAIs presented and discussed their experience from conducted or on-going audits on forests and fisheries. ​




Session I - Sustainable Forest Management​ ​ ​


Mr​ Dominique Reeb

​State of Europe's forests​View presentation

​Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Norway

Mr Arne Ivar Sletnes

​Policies for sustainable forest management in Europe​View presentation
Presentation of relevant INTOSAI WGEA activities​ ​ ​

​INTOSAI WGEA secretariat

Ms Tuuli Rasso

​Presentation of the INTOSAI WGEA guide "Auditing Forests: Guidance for Supreme Audit Institutions" ​View presentation

​OAG of Norway

Mr Kjell Kristian Dørum

​Integrating fraud and corruption risks into the auditing of fisheries and forestry​View presentation



Session II - Sustainable Fisheries Management ​ ​

​University of Aalborg

Mr Jesper Raakjær

​Fisheries policy and management in Europe. Can we expect sustainable fisheries in future?​​​View presentation
Presentation of relevant INTOSAI WGEA activities and cooperative audits​ ​ ​

​INTOSAI WGEA secretariat

Ms Tuuli Rasso

​Presentation of the INTOSAI WGEA guide "Auditing Sustainable Fisheries Management: Guidance for Supreme Audit Institutions"​View presentation

​NAO of Denmark

Mr Yvan Pedersen

​Presentation of the Joint Final Report on the Audit of Environmental Monitoring anv Fisheries Managament and Control in the Baltic Sea​View presentation

​The Account Chamber of Russian Federation

Ms Antonina Urazova

​Presentation of the parralel audit on the Barents Sea​View presentation



Workshop I - Auditing Sustainable Fisheries Management ​ ​

​European Court of Auditors

Mr Francois Osete and Mr Armando do Jogo

​Presentation of lessons learned from audits of the Common EU Fisheries Policy​​View presentation

​OAG of Norway

Mr Bjørn Martin Ørvim

​Presentation of audit on Norwegian Aquaculture Management​​View presentation

​The Netherlands Court of Audit

​Ms Hilde van Dijk and Mr Gert Jan de Vries

​Presentation of the audit "Sustainable Fisheries"​​View presentation

​NAO of Sweden

Mr Fredrik Engström

​Presentation of the audit "The central Government's actions for sustainable fisheries"​​View presentation

​Cour des Comptes, France

Mr Jerome Brouillet

​Presentation of audit on Fisheries​​View presentation



Workshop II - Auditing Sustainable Forest Management​ ​ ​

​NAO of Estonia

Mr Matis Mägi

​Presentation of the audit "Management of the state forest in the State Forest Management Centre"​View presentation

​European Court of Auditors

Mr Joël Constantzer

​Presentation of the audit "The EU Rural development support for the improvement of the economic value of forests"​View presentation

​SAO of Poland

Ms Katarzyna Papinska

​Presentation of audit on Forest Management​View presentation

​OAG of Norway

Ms Camilla C. Fredriksen

​Presentation of the audit "Sustainable Management of Norwegian Forest Resources" (To be published autumn 2012)

​The Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia

Ms Jerneja Vrabic

​Presentation of the audit "Efficiency of managing forest in Slovenia"​View presentation

​NAO of Sweden

Ms Camilla Gjerde

​Presentation of the audit "State-owned forest enterprise Sveaskog: Contradictory targets and operations"View presentation​



Presentation of EUROSAI WGEA activities​ ​ ​

​EUROSAI WGEA secretariat

Ms Herdis Laupsa

​EUROSAI WGEA Upcoming Activities​View presentation