In Oslo, Norway, 3-4 May 2011, the EUROSAI WGEA organised a seminar on auditing waste management.


Agenda l Report



Plenary Session ​ ​

DG Environment Directorate C Industry

Ms Karolina Fras

​Implementation of EU Waste LegislationView presentation

OECD Environment Directorate

​Mr Anthony Cox

​Economic Aspects of Waste Management: Insights from OECD Experiences View presentation

​SAI of the Netherlands

Mr Jan Willem van de Wardt

​Cooperative Audit on Shipment of Waste View presentation

​​SAI of Norway

Dr Kristin Rypdal

​The INTOSAI WGEA paper "Towards Auditing Waste Management" ​View presentation

​SAI of Norway

Mr Kjell Kristian Dørum

​The INTOSAI WGEA Guide on Fraud and Corruption – Focus on Waste ​View presentation

​EUROSAI WGEA secretariat

Mr Tom Næss

​Draft paper on Auditing Waste Management in Europe​View presentation



Workshop 1: Auditing General Waste Management​ ​ ​

​SAI of Poland

Ms Alicja Gruszecka

​Polish experiences in waste management auditingView presentation

​SAI of Austria

Dr Carolin Heiß-Ziegler

​Austrian experience in waste management auditingView presentation

​SAI of Switzerland

Mr Martin Koci

​Swiss experiences in (municipal) waste management auditingView presentation

​SAI of Turkey

Dr Omer H. Köse

​Turkish experience in waste management auditingView presentation

​SAI of Estonia

Ms Viire Viss

​Effectiveness of collection and recovery of packaging waste in EstoniaView presentation

​SAI of Malta

Mr William Peplow

​Audit on producer responsibility on packaging wasteView presentation

​SAI of Hungary

Mr Tóth Gergely

​Solid waste management projects financed from the Cohesion Fund and national budgetView presentation

​SAI of Slovakia

Mr Igor Blasko

​Waste management in the Slovak RepublicView presentation

​SAI of Moldova

Ms Olesea Djurenco

​The improvements of the regulations in management and solid waste disposal in Republic of Moldova are neededView presentation



Workshop 2: Hazardous, Radioactive and Medical Waste​ ​ ​

​Bellona Foundation, Norway

Mr Nils Bøhmer

​The future of nuclear energy in Europe: Nuclear safety and management of radioactive waste in EuropeView presentation

SAI of Slovenia

Ms Jerneja Vrabic

​Experiences with auditing radioactive waste management and end-of life vehicles in SloveniaView presentation

​SAI of Bulgaria

Ms Snezhina Dimitrova

​Audit on Hazardous Medical WasteView presentation

​SAI of Russia

Ms Elena Chernet

​Russian experience with auditing radioactive waste managementView presentation

​SAI of the Netherlands

Ms Louise van Loon

​Auditing risk based inspections regarding waste shipments by the Dutch customsView presentation

​SAI of Norway

Ms Hilde Solli

​Audit of the Government's Management of the Handling of Hazardous Waste