​Seminar hosted by the EUROSAI Chairman Prof. Dr. Dieter Engels was held at the European Academy of Law in Trier (Germany) on 6-7 February 2007. The representatives of 19 European SAIs took part in the event.


Programme l List of Speakers


Presentations ​ ​

​Chambers of Judge Ciuca, CFI

Mr Jens Hamer

​Overview on EC Environment Policy and LawView presentation

​Ghent University, Belgium

Prof Dr Geert Van Hoorick

​Birds and Habitit Directives​View presentation

​Hunton & Williams, Brussels

Prof Lucas Bergkamp

​Tools for Nature ProtectionView presentation

​Ghent University, Belgium

Ms An Cliquet

​The Natura 2000 Network: Managing the sitesView presentation

​Chambers of Advocate General Julianne Kokott

Dr Christoph Sobotta

​Natura 2000 in the Court of JusticeView presentation

​WWF Germany

Mr Peter Torkler

​Financing Nature ConservationView presentation

AKD Prinsen Van Wijmen

Prof Dr Annelies A. Freriks

​Assessing the Value of the Environment and its ProtectionView presentation

​T.M.C. Asser Institute

Mr Leonardo Massai

​Current EC Biodiversity PolicyView presentation
​Commission on the European Communities

​Bird directive

Halting the loss of biodiversity by 2010 and beyond

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