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EU Common Electricity Market Seminar

​Seminar participants at ESTLINK 2 Püssi substation

SAI of Estonia, in cooperation with EUROSAI WGEA secretariat, organised a seminar on European open electricity market issues.


As most SAIs do not yet have much experience in auditing the subject, speakers represented different stakeholders of the system, so to get a comprehensive understanding of the open market functioning.


The seminar took place in Vihula, Estonia, 9-10 June 2015.


Seminar agenda l List of participants


Auditing Energy - Joint Report from Energy Seminars



Presentations ​ ​

​Energiavirasto / CEER

Dr Timo Partanen

Common EU Electricity Markets - Benefits and Regulatory ChallengesView presentation

Elering AS​

Mr Taavi Veskimägi

​The Baltic Sea Regional Power Market - Escape form Isolation!​View presentation

World Energy Council​

Mr Einari Kisel

​Energy Trilemma - What hinders and what benefits electricity market?View presentation

Nord Pool Spot​

Ms Ingrid Arus

​Europe's Leading Power Markets​View presentation

SAI of Estonia

Ms Kristiina Visnapuu

​Protection of Vulnerable Consumers​View presentation

SAI of Poland​

Ms Elżbieta Sikorska

​Generation & Transmission - Audits' Conclusions and RecommendationsView presentation

Estonian Competition Authority

​Ms Marilin Tilkson

​Estonian Experienxe in Opening the Electricity Market and the Role of NRAsView presentation