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Leave a positive legacy for future generations

10th Annual Meeting

Participants of the 10th Annual Meeting

The meeting took place in Cyprus, 23-25 October 2012. Sustainable development and use of data in environmental auditing were the main topics of the meeting.


Programme l Invitation letter l Report


Sustainable Development​ ​ ​

​European Commission, DG Environment

Mr Robin Miege

​EU as a driving force for sustainable development

​European Sustainable Development Network

Mr Jörg Mayer-Ries

​​Sustainable development strategies - Status, national challenges and the role of management institutions ​View presentation

​Cyprus University of Technology

Dr Theodoros Zachariadis

​Measuring the costs of unsustainable development: Some case studies from Cyprus​​View presentation



Experiences in auditing sustainable development​ ​ ​

​EUROSAI WGEA secretariat

Ms Camilla C. Fredriksen

​Secretariat's planned activities related to auditing sustainability issues​View presentation


Ms Nicola Thomas

​Auditing Sustainable development at national level ​​View presentation

​SAI of Belgium

Ms Patricia Peere

​The Walloon Region's strategy and exemplary role with respect to sustainable development - situation 2010​​View presentation

​SAI of the Netherlands

Mr Rogier Zelle

​First experiences with green procurement ​​View presentation

​SAI of Belgium

Mr Christian Leflere

​The ecology premium for enterprises in the Flemish Region​​​View presentation

Cour des comptes, France

Mr Cyrille Schott

​The lessons of the flood of 2010 on the Atlantic coast (xynthia) and in the Var ​​View presentation

SAI of Russia

Mr​ Mikhail Odintsov

​Auditing sustainable development (in terms of agricultural policy)​​View presentation

SAI of Finland

Ms ​Vivi Niemenmaa

​Sustainability Reporting - Recent trends and the role of SAIs ​​View presentation


Ms Margit Lassi

​RIO+20 - INTOSAI WGEA ​​View presentation



Use​ ​of data in environmental auditing ​

​European Environment Agency

Mr Stefan Jensen

​European Environmental Data: development, trends and availability​View presentation

​INTOSAI WGEA, Ms Margit Lassi

SAI of Canada, Mr Peter Morrison (skype)

SAI of USA, Ms Lisa van Arsdale (skype)

​The INTOSAI WGEA research project Environmental Data for Auditors: Options and Resources​View presentation



Experiences related to data in environmental auditing​ ​ ​

​SAI of Estonia

Mr Matis Mägi

​Estonian experiences in using data in environmental auditingView presentation

​SAI of Slovenia

Ms Jerneja Vrabic

​Reliability of data in environmental auditingView presentation

​SAI of Sweden

Ms Madeleine Nyman

​Audit on Climate-related taxes - extensive use of micro- and macro-economic trendsView presentation

​SAI of Norway

Ms Camilla C. Fredriksen

​Experiences on using data from environmental authorities' administrative databasesView presentation

​SAI of Tanzania

Ms Elizabeth Augustino

​Data collection in solid waste management auditView presentation



Business meeting​ ​ ​
​EUROSAI WGEA secretariat​Progress report and other issues of  the EUROSAI WGEA secretariat​View presentation
​EUROSAI WGEA secretariat​EUROSAI WGEA Work Plan​View presentation
​​SAI of Czech Republic

Ms Michaela Rosecká

​The annual meeting 2013



Information on selected activities

​SAI of Poland

Ms Katarzyna Papinska

​NIK - Environmental friendly SAI​View presentation

EUROSAI WGEA secretariat

Ms Herdis Laupsa

​The EUROSAI WGEA cooperative audit on adaption to climate change

​SAI of Slovenia

Ms Jerneja Vrabic

​The cooperative audit on shipment of waste​View presentation

​SAI of Latvia, Mr Janis Salenieks

SAI of Lithuania, Ms Vaida Bariziene

​Cooperative audit on CO2 emission trading systems​View presentation

​SAI of Russia and SAI on Norway

Ms Anne Fikkan

​Arctic Council​View presentation

​SAI of Denmark

Mr Anders Helmuth Knudsen

​Arctic council - Danish perspectives

​INTOSAI WGEA secretariat

Ms Margit Lassi

​Reporting on the INTOSAI WGEA activities​View presentation
​The Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia​Reflections on chairing the INTOSAI WGEA in the next period

​AFROSAI WGEA secretariat

Mr James Pilly

​Reporting on the AFROSAI WGEA activities​View presentation

​SAI of Ukraine

Ms Mariya Shulezhko

​Activities and plans of the EUROSAI Task Force on the Audit of Funds Allocated to Disasters and Catastrophes in Europe ​View presentation

​SAI of Czech Republic

Ms Michaela Rosecká

​The EUROSAI Goal Team 3 - Knowledge sharing - its relevance for WGEA ​View presentation