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EU Common Electricity Market Seminar 

SAI of Estonia, in cooperation with EUROSAI WGEA secretariat, organised a seminar on European open electricity market issues.


As most SAIs do not yet have much experience in auditing the subject, speakers represented different stakeholders of the system, so to get a comprehensive understanding of the open market functioning.


The seminar took place in Vihula, Estonia, 9-10 June 2015.


Seminar agenda l List of participants


Auditing Energy – Joint Report from Energy Seminars

Group Photo from EU Common Electricity Market Seminar   Group Photo from EU Common Electricity Market Seminar

Keynote Presentations

European Court of Auditors

Dr Vivi Niemenmaa

Environmental GovernanceView presentation
Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development, Ministry of
the Environment of FinlandMs Annika Lindblom
The Finnish Government’s approach to sustainable development and SDGsView presentation
National Sustainable Development Monitoring Network, Prime Minister’s Office of Finland
Mr Sami Pirkkala
Monitoring, follow-up and evaluation of national Agenda 2030 implementationView presentation
Hendrikson & Ko
Mr Heikki Kalle
Strategic Environmental AssessmentView presentation
Directorate-General for Environment, European Commission
Mr Robert Konrad
Commission Action Plan on Environmental Compliance and GovernanceView presentation
SAI Presentations

SAI United Kindgom

Ms Katy Losse

Sustainability overviews: the UK NAO’s experience of auditing environmental governance in government departmentsView presentation

SAI Ukraine

Ms Anna Kozlova

The experience of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine in carrying out audits related to Sustainable Development GoalsView presentation

SAI Netherlands

Ms Sadaf Qutbyar

Netherlands Court of Audit: Preparedness Review SDGsView presentation

SAI Brazil

Mr Dashiell Costa

OLACEFS Coordinated Audit on SDG Target 2.4 – Sustainable Food ProductionView presentation

SAI Estonia

Ms Airi Andresson

Introduction to The Aarhus Convention on Access to
Information, Public Participation in Decision-Making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters
View presentation

SAI Slovenia

Ms Lejla Marinko

Integrating environmental issues (Natura 2000) into sectoral policiesView presentation
SAI Cyprus
Mr Sotiris Christofi
Case study: development in an environmentally sensitive areaView presentation

SAI Estonia

Ms Eva-Maria Asari

Stakeholder engagement and participatory auditingView presentation
SAI of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Ms Rosica Shalevikj Hrisovska
Granting of permits and collection of fees from operators whose installations affect the environmentView presentation
SAI Estonia (Chair of EWGEA)
Ms Tuuli Rasso
News from the EUROSAI WGEA SecretariatView presentation