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11th Annual meeting 

The meeting was organised in Prague, Czech Republic, 15-17 October 2013.


The environmental topic for this meeting was sustainable land use and assessing validity and reliability in quantitative and qualitative analyses was the audit related topic.


Programme l Report

Prague 2013.jpg ​Participants of the 11th Annual Meeting
Keynote speeches on Sustainable land use
Institute for European Environmental Policy Ms Jana Poláková Options for managing Europe’s rural land use as environmental resource View presentation
European Environment Agency Dr Andrus Meiner Cities – a European perspective View presentation
Le Plan Bleu Mr Hugues Ravenel Coastal area management in the Mediterranean Basin View presentation
Parallel session on Rural land use and sustainability issues
​INTOSAI WGEA secretariatMs Margit Lassi ​Presentation of the INTOSAI WGEA Land Use and Land Management Practices in Environmental Perspective View presentation
​SAO of Czech RepublicMs Jana Vasícková ​Financial means provided for the improvement of nature and landscape View presentation
​SAO of HungaryMr Tamás Fejszak ​Task Performance and Property Management of National Park Directorates View presentation
​OAG of NorwayMs Anne Fikkan ​Experiences with audits on land use issues in Norway View presentation​
Parallel session on Urban development and infrastructure issues
​NAO of UKMs Katy Losse ​Environmental Issues Associated with Infrastructure Development View presentation
​NAO of Finland / European Court of AuditorsDr Vivi Niemenmaa ​Sustainable land use and transportation planning – Challenges in policy coherence View presentation
​Netherlands Court of AuditMs Alice Hahn ​Presentation of the web dossier on land use View presentation
​NAO of EstoniaMs Viire Viss ​Auditing land use planning issues in Estonia View presentation​
​Parallel session on Coastal management in the Mediterranean
​Le Plan BleuMr Hugues Ravenel ​Introduction to the topic of coastal management in the Mediterranean
​Cour des Comptes FranceMr Cyrille Schott ​The audit of the French Coastal Protection Agency; success and difficulties View presentation
​SAI of MaltaMr William Peplow ​Malta’s level of preparedness to deal vith coastal oil pollution View presentation
Keynote speech on Assessing validity and reliability in qualitative and quantitative analyses
​University of Economics, PragueDr Patrick Sieber ​Validity and reliability of Social Cost Benefits Analysis results View presentation
SAI experiences related to reliability and validity in auditing
OAG of Norway ​Ways to increase validity in audits
European Court of Auditors Mr Colm Friel ​Audit of the EU’s LIFE Programme: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of data used for project selection and monitoring View presentation
​NAO of SwedenMs Madeleine Nyman ​Counterfactual analyses – Energy efficiency in industries View presentation
​SAO of Czech RepublicMs Eva Reková ​Funds collected in accordance with Act on Hazardous Waste Management View presentation
Business meeting
​EUROSAI WGEA secretariatMs Camilla C. Fredriksen ​Progress report of the EUROSAI WGEA View presentation
​INTOSAI WGEA secretariat Ms Margit Lassi ​Reporting on the INTOSAI WGEA activities ​​​View presentation
​SAI of SloveniaMs Jerneja Vrabic ​The results from the Cooperative Audit on Shipment of Waste ​​View presentation
​SAI of UkraineMr Denys Nikitin ​The international coordinated audits: the ACU’s experience ​​View presentation
​SAI of LithuaniaMs Lina Balenaite ​Cooperative Audit of National Parks: State of Play ​View presentation​
​SAI of UkraineTask Force Secretariat ​Activities and plans of the EUROSAI Task Force on the Audit of Funds Allocated to Disasters and Catastrophes in Europa ​​View presentation
​SAI of Russia / OAG of NorwayMs Anne Fikkan ​Arctic Council ​​View presentation