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 Latest Updates


Report of the Spring Session

(05.08.2019) Report of the EUROSAI WGEA Spring Session 2019 held in Kalopanayiotis, Cyprus is now available for scrutiny. Waste management and circular economy were in focus at the event.

Newsletter 1/2019 published

(25.06.2019) This year's first edition of the EUROSAI WGEA Newsletter is straight out of the oven and available for scrutiny. Various members have contributed with their latest news and you may learn about recent and upcoming EWGEA events. Enjoy!

Water audit MOOC awarded with a quality label

(02.05.2019) EUROSAI WGEA e-course 'Auditing Water Issues' has been awarded with a quality label by the Estonian Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA). The course has also been nominated by HITSA for the best e-course 2019 award.

 Latest Environmental Audits

Cooperative audit on Mediterranean marine parks finalised

(23.07.2019) Seven SAIs audited the management of marine protected areas in the Mediterranean Sea and Portuguese Atlantic Coast. Press release and joint report are just published!

Cooperative audit on air quality 

(30.01.2019) Results of EUROSAI WGEA cooperative audit on air quality performed by 16 SAIs and led by the SAIs of the Netherlands and Poland are now published. Documents: press release and joint report. Click here for a video by the SAI of Poland.

Cooperative audit on energy efficiency of public sector buildings

(05.10.2018) EUROSAI WGEA cooperative audit on energy efficiency of public sector buildings conducted by 8 SAIs is now finalized. You will find the press release and the report here.



 Upcoming events


E-course on water issues soon to begin!

(17.09.2019) EUROSAI WGEA open online course on water issues' audit will run again starting from Nov 4th. Materials and registrations are available here.

17th Annual Meeting

(20.06.2019) AM will be held at the European Court of Auditors in 22-24 October 2019. Central topic - biodiversity. Refer to the link above for draft agenda and further information.