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Training Seminar on Sustainable Development 

The EUROSAI WGEA secretariat, in cooperation with colleagues from the European Court of Auditors, organised a training seminar on Auditing Sustainable Development.


The training seminar was held on 26 September 2016 in Skopje, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and organised in line with the 14th Annual Meeting.


The objective of the training seminar was to:

  • give an introduction to the concept of sustainable development;
  • provide an overview of the recent trends and developments regarding sustainable development and sustainable development goals (SGDs) adopted by the UN;
  • present the ongoing activities at INTOSAI level with regard to auditing sustainable development;
  • discuss the main challenges and opportunities for SAIs in auditing sustainable development;
  • introduce the relevant audit experience in the EUROSAI region;
  • implement the theory in practical exercises.

See the training seminar programme here.


Report from the Training SeminarReport from the Training Seminar

Auditing Sustainable Development​​​​ ​ ​
​​European Court of AuditorsDr Vivi Niemenmaa ​​The concept of sustainable developmentGovernments role in sustainable development Sustainability reporting in business sector and public bodies View ​presentation​​
​SAI Indonesia, INTOSAI WGEA SecretariatMr Didik Ardiastanto, Ms Susilowati ​The Role of SAIs in Securing Sustainable Development Goals View presentation
​Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs in the Government Ms Sandra Andovska ​Sustainable development challenges in FYR Macedonia View presentation
​Ministry of Environment and Physical PlanningDr Teodora Obradovic Grncarovska ​​Climate change and sustainable development ​​View presentation
​SAI BulgariaMs Eva Galabinova, Mr Dimitar Dimitrov​ ​Research on sustainable development in Bulgaria by using key indicators​ ​​View presentation
SAI Poland​ Mr Jacek Jezierski ​Audit on sustainable development in Poland ​ ​View presentation
SAI Germany Mr Sascha Baum ​Reflections on audit and sustainable development View presentation
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