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EU Common Electricity Market Seminar Materials

(17.06.2015) The presentations from the EU Common Electricity Market Seminar are now available.

Spring Session updated agenda

(21.04.2015) The updated agenda for EUROSAI WGEA Spring Session on Auditing Energy Issues is now available. Looking forward you welcoming you in Tallinn!

13th Annual Meeting information

(16.04.2015) The invitation package for the 13th EUROSAI WGEA Annual Meeting was sent to members and invited guests. Draft agenda and other relevant material is now available on our website.

Spring Session draft agenda

(09.01.2014) The draft agenda for the Spring Session on Auditing Energy Issues is now available. The secretariat is looking forward to registrations to the semianar SAI presentations.

Report from the 12th Annual Meeting

(17.12.2014) The report from the 12th Annual Meeting is now ready and available on our website.

Newsletter 2014

(10.12.2014) The EUROSAI WGEA Newsletter 2014 is now published on our website.

12th Annual Meeting materials

(16.10.2014) The materials from the 12th Annual Meeting are now available on our website.  The report of the meeting will be posted on the same site in due course.



National Parks - a cooperative audit

(02.03.2015) A joint report of the National Parks' cooperative audit is now published. The cooperative audit of national parks was performed in 2013–2014 and involved the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, and Ukraine. The report builds on the seven individual national audit reports.

Climate for the money? Audits within the climate area 2009-2013

(25.03.2014) This final audit in the Swedish National Audit Office audit strategy Sustainable development – climate is based on and supplements the eleven audits that have been published within the strategy between 2009 and 2013. The Swedish National Audit Office has examined whether central government uses its policy instruments so that emissions of greenhouse gases decrease in accordance with climate objectives and at reasonable cost. Side-effects and reporting were included in the audit.

Energy efficiency in industry - effects of central government action

(12.11.2013) The summary from the Swedish NAO's audit Energy efficiency in industry - effects of central government action (RiR 2013:) is now available. Read the summary here.

More environmental audits


13th Annual Meeting

(06.01.2015) The 13th Annual EUROSAI WGEA Meeting will be held on 6-8 October 2015 in Malta. A training seminar will be held one day prior to the Annual Meeting on 5 October 2015.

Open Electricity Market Seminar

(19.12.2014) National Audit Office of Estonia, in cooperation with EUROSAI WGEA secretariat, will organise a seminar on open electricity market issues in Vihula, Estonia, 9-10 June 2015.

Spring Session 2015

(16.10.2014) EUROSAI WGEA will organise a spring session in Tallinn, Estonia, on 23-24 April 2015. The topic for the seminar will be energy efficiency and savings.