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20th Annual Meeting 

EuroSAI WGEA 20th Annual Meeting in the hybrid formula was held on November 29-30, 2022.

Presentations from the meeting can be viewed by clicking on the links in the table below.
Speaker Organization Title of the presentation
Prof. Maciej Zalewski European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology u/a UNESCO Challanges innovative methods and systemic solutions for reduction of pollutions in river systems and oceans.
Ms. Julie Winther SAI Denmark Transparency of climate change assistance.
Ms. Joanna Kokot European Court of Auditors Sustainable water use in EU agriculture. EU funding  for biodiversity and climate change in forests. Biodiversity on farmland (some facts).
Ms. Daphne Vanrysselberghe SAI Belgium Coastal protection in Flanders.
Ms. Ana Jesus European Environment Agency Imagining sustainable futures for Europe in 2050.
Ms. Liliya Prudyvus and Ms. Anna Kozlova SAI Ukraine The effectiveness of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Ukraine, the impact of military operations.
Mr. Edward Szempruch SAI Poland Preserving and increasing green areas in cities.
Mr. Alar Jürgenson SAI Estonia Overview of environmentally harmful subsidies.
Ms. Simone Neumaier SAI Germany Climate change policy in Germany: Ambitious goals – Poorly implemented.
Mr. Gijs Koop SAI Netherlands Reducing carbon emissions via the National Heat Fund, value for money?
Mr. Vladimír Maťuš SAI Slovakia Evaluation of the Mitigation Policy  on Climate Change in Slovak Republic.
Ms. Lidija Pernar and Ms. Mia Garma SAI Croatia Preparedness of the Republic of Croatia to implement the sustainable development goals.
Mr. Lassi Perkinen SAI Finland How has the promotion of sustainable development succeeded in Finnish government  – audit and follow-up.
Mr. Erwan Rigaud and Ms. Isabelle Vincent SAI France Organisation of the electricity markets. Public Policy Evaluation.
Mr. Roland Görlich SAI Austria Ambitious targets and many obstacles on the way: Greening of the district heating systems in Austria.
Mr. Stephen White European Commission Polluter Pays Principle and Environmentally harmful subsidies.
Ms. Marta Pankowska SAI Poland Joint Report on Management of Plastic Waste in Europe.
Ms. Vivi Niemenmaa INTOSAI WGEA INTOSAI WGEA recent and upcoming activities.