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 Latest Updates

Spring Session report

(30.08.2016) The report from the Spring Session on Recycling is now published.

Progress reports

(18.07.2016) EUROSAI WGEA progress reports from 2014 and 2015 are now published on the website.

Updated draft programme for the 14th annual meeting 

(5.07.2016) Please note that there is also time allocated for side-meetings on cooperative audits. Contact the secretariat if you would like to organise such side-meeting​.

 Latest Environmental Audits


Three cooperative audit initiatives in EUROSAI WGEA

(04.05.2016) In recent months, there have been 3 invitations sent to head of SAIs to join cooperative audits on environmental issues. These initiatives are: Cooperative audit on air quality, Cooperative audit on energy efficiency in public sector, and Mediterranean cooperative audit on marine parks. For further information, please contact the secretariat​.

Environmental Audits database

(30.11.2015) The environmental audits' database is now available. If your audit is not included in the database, or you come across any errors, please contact the secretariat.



 Upcoming events

14th Annual Meeting

(03.06.2016) The 14th EUROSAI WGEA Annual Meeting will be held on 27-29 september. The main topics will be 'MBIs for environmental protection' and 'ISSAIs of environmental auditing'.

Training on Sustainable Development

(03.06.2016) One day prior to the annual meeting, on 26 September, a training seminar on auditing sustainable development will be organised.

​Kick-off meeting for the air quality audit

(04.05.2016) ​The kick-off meeting for the Cooperative Audit on Air Quality will be held in the Hague on 21-22 June 2016. 

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